UPDATED: Two Students Shot at Delaware Valley Charter School; Warrant Issued for Suspect

Police expect suspect to turn himself in Saturday.

[Update 10:00 a.m.] CNN is reporting that the first suspect ID’d in the Friday shooting has been cleared and “a warrant has been issued for the arrest of a juvenile suspect in a shooting that wounded two students at a Philadelphia school Friday.”

Police say they expect the suspect, accompanied by an attorney, to turn himself in this morning. Commissioner Ramsey is describing the incident as a deliberate, and not accidental, shooting. It is also apparently the second shooting in or near a school this week in Olney.

[Update 4:45 pm] 6ABC again: “Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said officers have found the student who pulled the trigger and he is in custody.

“Investigators also said this may have been an accidental shooting, but don’t yet know for sure.”

[Update 4:35 pm] USA Today reports: “Police believe the suspect is still inside the school.

“Police said the suspect pulled out a gun and opened fire. Security cameras captured the shooting, and police know the shooter’s identity.”

As you can see, incidentally, we are getting some conflicting reports in the first waves of news. It’s a good time to take most reports with at least a small grain of salt.

[Update 4:31 pm] Philly.com reports: “A possible suspect fled the school on foot, accoridng to police radio reports. He is described as a black male wearing a red backpack.”

[Update 4:15 pm] A police press conference just revealed that it was two students who were shot, each once, by someone of “student age” at the school’s gymnasium.


TV stations are reporting that Delaware Valley students are being dismissed one-by-one, each patted down for a weapon, before being released.

[Update 4:08 pm] 6ABC reports: “Two students were shot inside a school in the Logan section of Philadelphia on Friday afternoon.

“The shooting happened at the Delaware Valley Charter School located at 5201 Old York Road.

“Authorities confirmed that two students were shot in the arm at that location, one male and one female. The students were hit while they were inside the school. However, it’s not yet known where the shots came from.”

NBC 10 says the victims were an adult male and a juvenile female. The two were taken to Eisenhower Medical Center, just a block from the school.

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