College-Age Chris Christie Was Overjoyed by Bridge Staying Open

Chris Christie's previous run-in with a bridge—in Delaware.

Before he was the New Jersey governor and a frontrunner for the GOP nomination in 2016, Chris Christie was just an undergrad at the University of Delaware. Well, he wasn’t just an undergraduate; he was president of the Delaware Undergraduate Student Congress at the University of Delaware.

And, to add perhaps the stupidest twist yet to Christie’s ongoing George Washington Bridge scandal, here’s this: In college, Christie commented with joy over a bridge staying open.

Hunter Walker, national affairs reporter at the liberal Talking Points Memo, unearthed this article where college-age Christie is featured prominently.

The bridge on Delaware Route 896 near campus would not be closed until later than originally thought, which means it would not force the school to alter commencement ceremonies. And think how much easier the traffic was for the future New Jersey governor and his family!

What’s this have to do with the current scandal? Noting at all. How amusing is this coincidence? Pretty.

Hopefully, we can one day find evidence of an even-younger Chris Christie jamming out to “Bridge over Troubled Water.”