Jerry Sandusky Wants His $59,000 Pension Back

Violins, please.

Jerry Sandusky, like so many criminal Pennsylvanians before him, wants to collect his $59,000-a-year state pension. He appeared in court today, via video link, for the first time since appealing his conviction last year.

The board informed Sandusky when he was sentenced in October 2012 that he was to give up the retirement benefit, citing a law that requires state employees convicted of crimes to forfeit their pensions and use any contributions to the state fund to pay fines and restitution.

A lawyer for Sandusky has argued that because Sandusky joined the pension fund when he started coaching at Penn State in 1969, before the law was passed, he cannot be forced to give up his pension benefits.

Sandusky’s lawyer was not an employee of Penn State when the above law was updated to include teachers who abuse students; he officially retired in 1999, though still received payments for what his lawyer calls “independent contracting” work. Sample nugget from hearing, which is currently taking place.


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