Butkovitz Starts New Term as Controller, Eyes Mayor’s Office

The city's watchdog is starting to get itchy feet.

Alan Butkovitz was sworn in for his third term as Philadelphia controller today:

KYW Newsradio reports Butkovitz may soon aim for higher office.

Alan Butkovitz is being sworn in to a third term as Controller but its well-known that he has his eyes on the mayor’s office.

Political analyst Terry Madonna of Franklin and Marshall College says Butkovitz will likely use his inaugural speech with an eye on that larger prize:

“Typically what you’ll find in inaugural speeches is an assessment of a career, the goals, looking forward. Politicians being politicians, they’re certainly always looking forward. The positioning includes making a strong case for, in this case, why another term as Controller makes him best able to lead the city as mayor. You don’t have to say it in those words, but you can talk about your understanding of the problems of the city, particularly the fiscal problems and some others. And in that way, you can position yourself to move forward.”

Indeed, that seemed to be Butkovitz’s focus as he began his speech: