Only 3 High School Students in Camden are “College Ready”

Per 2013 SAT scores.

Camden’s new state-appointed education czar Paymon Rouhanifard revealed a startling finding this week: Only three–yeah, three–high school students who took the SAT in 2013 received scores that deemed them “college ready.” Rouhanifard, after embarking on a ‘listening tour’ of each of his district’s 26 schools, pinpointed a few key gripes and at least one minor fix.

Teachers reported a lack of curriculum and instructional support, too much paperwork, disparities in pay scale, and a lack of parental involvement, he said. A key desire among parents was an easier pathway to engaging with schools.In a step toward achieving that, Rouhanifard announced that the district would waive a $75 fee parents have had to pay to cover the cost of a background check in order to volunteer. The background checks will still be conducted but not at parental cost.

A larger plan for reform will be released next month, Rouhanifard said. [Inquirer]