Bet You Can’t Guess Why NBA Players Want to Come to Philly

Let's just say the lack of talent has certain attractions.

Oh dear:

It’s no secret that the Cleveland Cavaliers have been shopping second-year shooting guard Dion Waiters, and the latest update, according to two sources who spoke with Bleacher Report, is that the Chicago Bulls and Philadelphia 76ers have emerged as the top two suitors. And both are realistic destinations based on trade assets and financial complements.

According to a source close to Waiters, he “wants out” of Cleveland and “prefers to go to Philly because he thinks he’d be the best player on the team. That’s his mindset.”

Waiters was fourth overall pick once upon a time. Still, it’s telling that he’d rather go from a bad team to a bad team, rather than from a bad team to one that, despite Derrick Rose’s latest injury, should still be in the playoffs. No thanks.