10 LGBT Calendars for 2014 [NSFW]

Sure, we’re living in a society that has become absolutely dependent on its digital calendar, but until Google comes up with a way to add pretty pictures to its bland grid of days and months, there will always be a need for the old-fashioned wall calendar (or one of those cute desktop flippies, if that’s how you roll.) Now that we’re nearing the end of the year, it’s time to start looking for a replacement for our diminishing 2013 date planners.

To make your search easy — and more gay — I’ve done a little digging to find 10 good LGBT options. I’ve tried to cover all the bases here — from those filled with hot, shirtless gay men and some for the ladies to an awesome trans-focused option that I’m putting on my Christmas list immediately. You can find all the options, including links to where they can be purchased below. Have other good ideas? I’d love to hear them. Leave suggestions in the comments section. Happy holigays!

cub camp calendar 2014

1. CUB CAMP: Cub Camp — the yearly party for the gay furry set — just released its second annual calendar with hunky, hairy men gallivanting through the woods. Unlike last year’s edition, which featured bears in Toronto, this go-round shines a spotlight on 12 of America’s hottest furry heartthrobs. Extra buying incentive? Sales benefit the Munro Fund for Queer and Trans Youth Living With Cancer. $20.

gym inspiration calendar patrick mark

2. GYM INSPIRATION: This calendar by male-body-focused photographer Patrick Mark serves two purposes: (a.) You get 12 glorious months of hotties with bodies, and (b.) Those hot bodies will keep you motivated to stay on top of your yearly resolution to stay fit. It evens allots space so you can scribble in your fitness goals for the year. $7.99 (print), $3 (digital).

3. L-CALENDAR: This cleverly named gem by fine-art photographer Cristina de la Madera is decorated with gorgeous black-and-white shots of lesbian couples. It’s a concept, she hopes, that “offers a unique approach to the female body through a lesbian perspective.” $16.86.

trans calendar project

4. THE TRANS CALENDAR PROJECT: This cheerful, Indiegogo-funded project was created by trans artists with the mission to ” represent ourselves through our own eyes, in all our diversity of identities and narratives.” Half the money from the sales of these calendars will go to one of the project members to help cover the costs of their transition. $15.

boy next door 2014 calendar

5. BOY NEXT DOOR: Love this manufacturers description: “Those sexy neighborhood boys we’ve all had our eyes on come alive in the pages of this … calendar from photographer Max Orlov.” Whoever wrote this obviously doesn’t live in South Philly.

tom daley calendar 2014

6. TOM DALEY CALENDARWell this sure is timely. Nineteen-year-old, newly out Olympic diver Tom Daley both strips down and gussies up in this 12-month spread that’s sure to send twink-loving hearts aflutter. Wonder if Brian Sims will snag a copy$19.99.

7. AMSTERDAM LOWLANDERS RUGBY: The Amsterdan Lowlanders is Netherlands’ first rugby club organized by gay dudes. To help pay their way to next year’s Bingham Cup, they’ve put together this calendar of their naked asses recreating “famous Dutch scenes.”  €15.

oxford university womens rugby

8. OXFORD UNIVERSITY WOMEN’S RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB NAKED CALENDAR: Burly rugby jocks — or men, for that matter — not your thing? A more-feminine, admittedly more-beautiful alternative is this calendar from the Oxford University Women’s Rugby Football Club, who bare all for the benefit of “Mind Your Head,” a mental health campaign run by OU. £10.

9. QUINN CHRISTOPHER JAXONScruff addicts will clamor for this calendar featuring bearded and tatted dancer/model Quinn Christopher Jaxon. Lots of bare-bottom shots included. $12.99.

orthodox calendar

10. ORTHODOX CALENDAR: In the new edition of Orthodox Calendar, models take it off and pose with religious imagery — a concept that would surely put granny over the edge if this one was passed around on Christmas morning. Don’t let that obscure the good message, though. According to the Huffington Post, “All of the calendar’s subjects are gay-friendly members ‘of the Orthodox Church’ who have chosen to strip down for the sexy shoot ‘because they believe … in freedom of speech, tolerance, equality and human rights.'” €16.99 (censored cover), €29 (uncensored).