Chris Christie Is GQ’s “Boss of the Year”

Because...he takes selfies?

If Chris Christie wasn’t crazy about this magazine cover, he’s probably not going to be wild about his latest national magazine PR either. Per GQ, he’s your “Boss of the Year.”

Christie might be the only politician in America who had a good 2013. In New Jersey, he was stalwart in the wake of Sandy—first providing storm victims a shoulder to cry on, then browbeating D.C. politicians into delivering the aid money those victims desperately needed. Nationally, he was a lone voice of reason in an increasingly insane GOP, picking fights with everyone from John Boehner (over that Sandy relief) to Rand Paul (national security). Along the way, he turned himself into that most unlikely of pols: a happy warrior.

Oh and also:

Christie also might be the only politician in America who has mastered the art of the selfie.

Ah, never fear, governor. In GQ-land, being a “Boss” has nothing to do with brass tacks politics and mafia undertones–it just means you can take a sweet selfie.