Dilworth Plaza Could Re-Open Next Fall

Massive reconstruction is making progress more slowly than expected.

NewsWorks reports: “The area on the West Side of Philadelphia City Hall will remain under construction for at least 10 more months.  Renovations to Dilworth Plaza were supposed to be finished by the spring of 2014, but Paul Levy of the Center City District says Labor Day is the earliest you will see the project done.”

Just a reminder what you’ll get at the end of the process: “The new plaza will have a large lawn, tree groves, a programmable fountain and space for 400 benches and chairs. The underground is being dramatically improved as a new transit gateway, providing entrances to Broad Street and Market Street subways and the trolley lines. New elevators will make the transit levels accessible for the first time.” In other words: A pretty and usable public space, instead of the concrete modernist monstrosity that was there before. It’ll be worth the wait.