Guess the Chris Christie-Barack Obama Honeymoon Is Over

N.J. governor calls Obamacare a "train wreck."

New Jersey 101.5 reports that Gov. Chris Christie is calling Obamacare a “train wreck.”

“This is just an awful law that made no sense. I’m glad that the train wreck’s not mine, it’s his,” the governor said, referring to President Obama. “It’s a train wreck that anyone who has managed anything ever in their lives could have seen coming.”

Christie editorialized during NJ 101.5′s Ask the Governor program, in response to a question on why New Jersey opted for a federal exchange instead of putting together a New Jersey exchange under Obamacare. Christie said NJ chose not to build a state exchange because the state would take on the burden of maintaining the exchange without being able to fully control it.

Guess that means no more hugs for Obama and Christie.