Penn Launches Its Own Version of Craigslist

Again, the "Whartonization of Penn is now complete."

Hey Penn students, want another excuse never to leave University City? Ta-da!

Launched by three first-year Wharton MBA students — John Li, Jeff Zhou and Ilya Bezdelev — provides an online marketplace for goods and services within the community, from cameras and textbooks to cab sharing.

It’s like Craigslist–but for Penn students. So, PennLis…ok, you get it. Wait, despite my natural instinct to rail against this innovation, it’s actually pretty cool.

The most recent function — cab sharing — was launched for students traveling during Thanksgiving. Users can click on a Google map embedded on the site to put in their location and leaving time. The system will generate a list of people leaving before that time and the user can choose which cab to join, which will send an email to everyone in the cab to coordinate.

Still, I’d like to quote myself quoting a commenter on a Penn post from last week: “The Whartonization of Penn is now complete.”