Lower Merion Cops Arrest Two “Knockout Game” Suspects

Pointless violence spreads to the Main Line.

The rampage–if that’s what it is–continues. This week, Philly Mag’s Victor Fiorillo has been on the ‘knockout game’ beat, documenting a couple instances in which two separate women were punched for no reason. (Possibly by the same guy.) Well now, Lower Merion police have made two arrests after similar incident. Lower Merion! The Main Line!

According to police, a 63-year-old Wynnewood resident was out walking his dog in the area of Twin Oaks Drive & Rock Glen Drive when he observed a male run by him. As he stood at the intersection, police say, he then observed a second male walking towards him. A moment later, police say, the [suspect] walked up to the victim and punched him in the mouth, knocking him to the ground.

Neither suspect, based on their mugshots, looks like the guy ID’d earlier this week. Is it time for Nutter to give a speech about this yet? [Fox 29]