ACCESSORIZED: Men’s Shaving Kit

1. The TWINLUXE SHAVE TOWEL features two hand pockets at both ends designed for patting your face dry and wiping away excess shave cream, and it can also be placed in hot water, then used to gently exfoliate pores. Fellas, it’s time to ditch the washcloth. $38 at

2. The Art of Shaving’s OCEAN KELP AFTER-SHAVE LOTION is light, clean, and will leave you with skin that, in the words of the great Ne-Yo, will invite that handsome guy to “come closer.” $40 for 3.4-ounce bottle at The Art of Shaving, 1528 Walnut St. and the Plaza at King of Prussia.

3. Yes, that can of Barbasol may be more convenient, but TRUEFITT & HILL LUXURY SHAVING SOAP delivers something more than foam: old-school milled soap, lightly fragranced, that will leave your face with a beautiful shave and your bathroom counter with a beautiful accessory. $46 at Philly Bloke, 123 E. Lancaster Ave, Paoli.

4. Comprised of sleek metal and authentic horn, the ART OF SHAVING CLASSIC HORN SHAVING SET conjures the feel of your great-great-grandfather grooming for a date with a girl carrying a parasol, but wrapped in modern technology (Gillette Mach3 blades fit in the razor). $475 at The Art of Shaving.

5. For your shaving and trimming needs, ahem, below the neck, turn to the trusted PHILIPS NORELCO BODYGROOM, which will give your pecs and stomach that same smooth loveliness as your face, and offers attachments for easy trims even further south. $69.99 at Best Buy, multiple locations and online at