Philadelphia Did Not Make a List

This is a story about a list that Philadelphia is not on.

We know that you’re used to getting all the latest “list” news here at Philly Mag. So…sit down. We have something to tell you. A list just came out. Philadelphia was not on it. And yes, we’re feeling bereft.

CBS Philly has the news:

The website Vocativ bills itself as a global news site for the Digital Generation. In a recent index on the best cities for millennials, it considered factors like public transportation, low rent, coffee shops, music venues, even the price of a pint of beer.

Portland, Nashville and Austin all made the list, but Philadelphia did not. But a number of millennials living in the city believe it should have.

Of course they do! Because if we know one thing, it’s that Philadelphia gets on lists! We should change the city motto to “City of Listerly Love,” because we’re, like, married to being on lists.  Not being on a list is really weird. The lists validate and complete us! If we’re not on the list, how can millenials know we’re awesome and hip? They can’t know, that’s how! Thank god that just ranked Philly fourth in its list of walkable cities, or we’d have no idea what to do.