Philly Officer Criticizes Black Teens on Facebook

Officer Michael Smerker is now under fire, as well.

NBC10 reports on Philly Police Officer Michael Smerker, who is getting some unwelcome attention for a posting about “black teens” on his Facebook page.

“I don’t understand why all black teenagers in West Philly (and I assume all over Philly as well) are instantly handed an access card (welfare card) and a cell phone with minutes as soon as they are teenagers,” he wrote. “It doesn’t make sense!!! It gives them reason not to get a job. All it’s doing is breeding laziness. Welfare was never supposed to be a career choice. I don’t care to have my hard earned tax money given away to healthy teenagers who can get a job like I did when I was a teen.”

 The neighborhood where Smerker patrols is angry and calling his comments racist. Police officials say they’re looking into the comments, reminding the public that Smerker has First Amendment rights—but that the PD has a social media policy reminding officers to “strive to maintain public trust and confidence, not only in his or her professional capacity, but also in his or her personal and on-line activities.”