Blacked-Out Penn Students Are Truly Terrible

"For every ten calls we get from Penn we get Drexel once."

34th Street Magazine has a good piece out about the pervasiveness of Penn’s black-out binge-drinkers and the EMTs who babysit them.

Outside, a younger paramedic climbs down from his ambulance. No longer on the night shift, he’s resting in between calls. “You wanna be nice to them,” he recalls, “but they’re treating you like shit and puking all over your ambulance.”… His coworker hears and joins in. “Other colleges in the city don’t do this. For every ten calls we get from Penn we get Drexel once. That’s basically all our job has become is a fuckin’ liability mom for society.”

Oh, and also, this: “They poop, pee, mess themselves up,” Jimmy explains, “then they ask for different clothes. We tell them, ‘Too Bad. You did this to yourself.’” Go read the whole thing for yourself to learn why you/your friend/your kid have a problem. Or just go and watch Matthew Perry tell you in a week.