Why Michael Irvin Never Criticized the Eagles Fans Who Cheered His Injury

"I remember my dad."

One of the more infamous moments in Eagles history occurred in 1999, when Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin was carted off the field after an injury—to the cheers of the crowd. This weekend, Irvin explained why he never complained about the incident, which ended his career:

“I remember my Dad, and a lot of those fans are just like my Dad,’’ the Hall of Fame receiver said before the Cowboys left for Sunday’s NFC East showdown in Philadelphia. “It’s the only place and the only time their opinion counts, the only way they can voice their disappointment, and I can’t have a problem with that.’’

Irvin grew up in Fort Lauderdale. He remembers sitting in front of the TV with his father, Walter, on Sunday afternoons watching their beloved Miami Dolphins.

“There wasn’t one Sunday that went by that he didn’t say, ‘God, I’d do anything if I could just save enough money to get to a game,’’’ Irvin remembered. “I watched my Dad cry every Sunday in that undefeated Miami Dolphin season. He would have done anything to get to the game.’’

Michael Irvin has had his troubles over the years, but goodness. This kind of makes him seem like a swell guy.