Penn State Settles With 19 Sandusky Victims

Most have already received checks from the university.

6ABC reports that Penn State has settled lawsuits with 19 of the young men molested by former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

Many, if not all of them, have received checks from the university, the attorneys said over the past two days. The school has set aside some $60 million to pay claims, though several lawyers say the settlements prevent them from disclosing details, including the amounts their clients were paid.

“They’re getting the resources they need to navigate hurdles which have been thrown in front of them,” said Harrisburg lawyer Ben Andreozzi, part of a group of four lawyers who have resolved nine claims. They have three other cases, including two that have not been presented to Penn State.

“Does it wipe out all their problems? No,” Andreozzi said. “Does it give them the resources they need to get their lives back on track? Yes.”

At least two other cases remain unsolved. Sandusky is serving a 30-to-60-year prison term for his criminal convictions in the case.