Gay Official Slams Corbett’s Incest Remark

Meanwhile, Corbett administration responds to gay marriage lawsuit.

Radio station WITF reports that Terry Mutchler, the state’s open records chief, slammed Gov. Tom Corbett Monday during a speech to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. At issue: Corbett’s remarks—since apologized for—comparing gay marriage to incest between a brother and a sister.

“I find it sad that a governor with a team of intelligent, thoughtful, and brilliant staff around him, some of whom are gay, has such a basic, fundamental misunderstanding and, quite frankly, an overt meanness on any issue, but let alone a human rights issue,” said Mutchler, who herself is openly gay. She is finishing up her single six-year term in the state job.

Mutchler suggested she did not believe the governor’s apology. “I do not speak in anger and I don’t speak in frustration,” Mutchler said. “I speak more with sadness that the governor made these remarks and provided a half-hearted apology.”

 Meanwhile, the Corbett Administration is trying to end a legal challenge to Pennsylvania’s ban on gay marriage. Bloomberg reports: “Lawyers for Corbett argued on Monday in a court filing that the complaint filed by the American Civil Liberties Union failed to state a claim upon which relief may be granted. The request was filed in federal court in Harrisburg. A brief in support of the motion will be filed by Oct. 7, according to a court schedule.”