Hey Kids! It’s (Kind of) Safe to Drink Again at Temple!

Arrests for underage drinking slide after initial enforcement.

Granted, that’s not the headline that Temple wants to see for this story. But heck, here’s the news:  “The crackdown on student drinking by Temple police that resulted in 270 arrests or citations during the first four weeks of this semester took a different direction these past two weekends, with 27 reported alcohol-related incidents, as compared to the average of 67 incidents in the first four weekends.”

So is there less enforcement or fewer drinkers? Sounds like the former. “Our goal is to go out and send out a message and then sit back and see if students notice and have it take effect,” said Charlie Leone, the acting executive director of Campus Safety Services. 

And what have the students noticed? “People are going to drink anyway,” Yana Kozhukhar, a senior Tourism and Hospitality Management major, said. “There are a lot of parties, and they don’t check IDs or anything. You can just go inside and start drinking.”

The lesson from this? Go Owls!