Cherry Hill Industrial Parks: Now Serving Wine!

Crushing it, bro.

Want rustic country charm, but don’t want to leave your 10-mile-radius? Well, you’re out of luck. But, if you can sacrifice rustic charm and put up with a winery in an industrial park in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we’ve got just the place for you.

“The Wine Room offers a chance for amateur wine enthusiasts to create custom-blended bottles from grape to cork…Oh, and if you harbor fantasies about crushing your grapes the old-fashioned way (aka the old foot stomp), The Wine Room is more than happy to accommodate.”

The grapes don’t come from Jersey. Nor do the barrels. But the feet are probably mostly local. City Paper doesn’t comment on the actual taste of the wine, but at $11 a bottle I guess it doesn’t really matter. Find it here:

 By the way, the Jersey wine industry is kind of a thing–and kind of delicious, if you take Planet Money’s word for it. [City Paper]