The Tale of Cory Booker and the Vegan Stripper

At a rate of 20 tweets a day–and golly, who knows how many direct messages!–it was only a matter of time before Cory Booker got himself into a Weineresque situation.* Yesterday, an exchange he had with a Portland, Oregon stripper (who works at a vegan strip club!**), was muckraked by BuzzFeed. The exchange read as follows, after a surreal (February) discussion of who would be Cory Booker’s first lady if he became president of the New Jersey Star Trek club.

Booker: And the East Coast loves you. And by the East Coast, I mean me.

Lynsie Lee: Now I’m blushing.

Booker: It’s only fair.

*Wait, this wasn’t Weineresque at all! There’s no scandal here, folks. In fact, as the Atlantic Wire points out, some pundits are speculating that Booker orchestrated and leaked the story himself, to quash rumors of his homosexuality.

**Also, she’s not actually vegan–her strip club is. But the headline sounded nice.

Lee, for her part, is enjoying her newfound fame.

What a country.