The List: The 6 Best Local Animal Escapes and Encounters

If you happen to see a pig roaming the City of Brotherly Love, it’s not Babe. It could be that piggy fugitive “Kevin Bacon”—on the loose from its Swedesboro, N.J., home since Sept. 2, not 15 minutes after it was purchased by local high school senior Shane Murray and friends—has hopped on PATCO and is taking in the sights. (Here’s a tip, Kevin: Steer clear of Cochon. And Jamonera.) But this stealth swine is far from the first unusual animal escape or sighting in these parts.

1. Snakey

The aptly named “Snakey” the Snake inspired terror in Swarthmore. The 7-foot Boa Constrictor escaped its residence in August this year. The sneaky serpent slithered amok for nine days before being returned to its owner.

2. West Philly Turkey

Residents of West Philly went on a wild turkey chase when the “Fresh Turkey of West Philly” created a stir after its escape from Bartram’s Garden in May 2013. The feisty fowl, who peaced out after a beef with his brother, was said to strut like Mick Jagger as it pranced haughtily around the city for over a month. He’s even got a Twitter.

3. Bucks County Bear

Perhaps this Bucks County bear was perhaps working off an alternate telling of Goldilocks. The beast, which was spotted in residential areas, was photographed in a backyard playground on June 19—presumably trying to decide which swing felt juuuust right.

4. The Great Adventure Baboon

The great primate escape of July 2011 was on when a baboon broke free from Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park in Jackson, N.J. The monkey busted out of the park’s Monkey Jungle. The monkey was spotted everywhere from porches to backyards before it was finally captured on a farm six miles away.

5. The Frankford Lion

Remember that time a circus lion decided to go rogue in Frankford? Neither do we. This king of the jungle went for a stroll in 1850 before it was lassoed (!) and led back to the cage life. I guess this big cat was not ready for its close-up.

6. The Yeadon Lion

You might remember, though, a 1995 incident involving a poor, frightened escaped pet lion. The beast was kept in an apartment and somehow wandered away in Yeadon, nearly frightening residents to death as it reportedly disrupted many-a-morning commute. Best quote from this article: “A lion of that size will need eight to 10 pounds of fresh meat a day.” Yikes!