Joe Biden’s Niece Allegedly Tries to Punch Cop, Gets Arrested

Fightin’ Joe Biden’s Internet-bestowed nickname may be wearing off on his family members, most recently the vice president’s niece, Caroline Biden.

Seems Caroline had a bit of trouble with her roommate this morning, with the fight escalating (devolving?) into a situation that required police presence. And then, well, all hell broke loose:

Caroline Biden was allegedly arguing with a roommate in her Tribeca apartment Tuesday morning, and when police responded, she resisted arrest and tried to take a swing at the officer, according to police.

Police will also charge the young lady Biden with harassment and obstructing governmental administration. She is expected to be arraigned today.

Somewhere, meanwhile, Joe Biden is shedding a manly, Delawarian tear of joy. Kids, after all, grow up so fast. [NBC]