Is John Bolaris Working? Is Jim Gardner Retiring? Is Buzz Bissinger a Douche?

Google asks the tough questions.

I am fascinated by my friend and fellow Philly Poster Victor Fiorillo‘s piece, “Google Asks: Is Chip Kelly Gay?”

Not because I care if Chip Kelly is gay. I don’t. But because the Google Is? game is a fascinating window into what people are thinking. And being a recovering TV anchor, I of course played the game using my name first.

I typed “Is Larry Mendte…” and Google finished the sentence with “still married?” The answer is yes, very happily. Thanks for caring, I think.

I moved on to “Is Ed Rendell…” and Google finished with “married?” The answer is no, not anymore. Google searchers wondered the same thing about Michael Nutter, Bradley Cooper and Riley Cooper.

Here are a few others, with Google search ending the sentence.

Is John Bolaris…working?

Is Jim Gardner…retiring?

Is Sheena Parveen…Indian?

Is Will Smith….a scientologist?

Is Tom Cruise…crazy?

Is Miley Cyrus…on drugs?

Is Bill Cosby…dead?

Is Allen Iverson…broke?

Is Nick Foles…good?

It is even more fascinating to look at the top four Google search endings to give you a a more complete public view of a name in the news. For instance, if you type in

“Is Buzz Bissinger”, you get….

1) Is Buzz Bissinger married?
2) Who is Buzz Bissinger?
3) Biss Bissinger is an idiot.
4) Buzz Bissinger is a douche.

Some more.

Is Barack Obama….
1) black?
2) muslim?
3) a freemason?
4) evil?

Is Kanye West…
1) a genius?
2) cheating on Kim?
3) racist?
4) illuminati?

Is Rachel Maddow…
1) married?
2) an atheist?
3) homosexual?
4) sick?

I am a big fan of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, but the show is awful when Joe Scarborough isn’t there and he seems to be off a lot. Using Joe Scarborough in the Google Is? game told me a lot of people feel the same way.

Is Joe Scarborough
1) sick?
2) on vacation?
3) still on morning joe?
4) really a conservative?

If you just type the word “Is..”

1) Is Macklemore gay?
2) Is it down?
3) Is anyone up?
4) Is Jackie Chan dead?

I don’t think so, definitely, probably, no.

Finally, I tried “Is Victor Fiorillo..” and Google gave me – nothing.