They Don’t Like Dog Poop in Passyunk

Fox 29 reports on the anti-poop crusade in Passyunk:

The problem’s gotten so bad that founder and editor Albert Stumm has decided to out bad pet owners on his website when people send in pictures and video.

I’m glad they do that. I’m going to do that too,” says a resident.

I’ll take a picture with my cell and send it in,” says another.

Already, video has surfaced of an offender allowing his pup to leave someone a present in their planter at Front and Siegel.

“This is an issue that I’ve decided to take up and I’m more than willing to shame people to change their behavior,” says Albert Stumm.

Perusing the Passyunk Post, it appears the “Dog Shit Crusade” has been under way since April. The Post even takes credit for the arrival of dog-waste receptacles in Queen Village. Use them, or you’ll end up recorded on video and shared with the world like this guy.