I’m Shmacked Strikes Again: University of Delaware Edition

Oh dear:

Thousands of students at the University of Delaware took to the streets during a Monday night riot during the filming of a party documentary.

Half-dressed students were seen scaling rooftops and climbing on passing cars as approximately 75 police officers did their best to corral the partygoers during the slated filming by video series, ‘I’m Shmacked.’

“We’ve had riots before, nothing that bad before, ever, I’ve never seen anything that extreme,” the collegiate series’ founder Arya Toufania excitedly recalled to the Daily News Tuesday. He said a car had been set alight but both the police and a university spokeswoman later denied any vehicle had been torched.

BroBible (ugh, we want to stab ourself in the eye for typing that name) adds:

We’re not entirely sure what happened at the University of Delaware last night, other than the fact that the college party-documentary YouTube channel I’m Shmacked came to Newark on a Monday night and caused an entire college campus to go berzerk. YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram have exploded with pictures and videos of the incident, many of which can be seen right here. According to reports, UDPD got involved along with state and city riot police and a car was apparently burned. The resounding question for those of us far away from the college campus hivemind/mob mentality is “why?”

Something similar happened just north of UdDl at West Chester University when I’m Shmacked showed up in the spring. Douchebag students flipped and destroyed a student’s car that was a gift from his dad who passed away from cancer.

Maybe UDel, just south of Philadelphia, was just that amped up on an Eagles Monday Night Football victory. Maybe, since it’s still early in the semester, there just wasn’t anything better to do.

Gawker says:

In an official statement, Shmacked said it regrets “any association with these destructive events,” and will “do our best to ensure that this does not happen again.”

Meanwhile, the university is still mulling the future of the students arrested, but has not addressed the fate of others not formally charged for participating in the riot.

At least they’re not rioting over a fired football coach? Hmmm. Maybe Pennsylvania-area college kids are just really stupid, violent children. Really: All this white suburban violence makes us afraid to leave Philadelphia.