Christie Finally Signs Medical Marijuana Bill

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie has signed a medical marijuana bill:

The legislature sent the governor a bill in June that would have reduced the number of doctors needed to recommend a minor’s participation from at least two to one. The bill also permitted the state’s sanctioned marijuana growers to produce as many strains of the drug as they wanted to cultivate, and offer edible products that children would find easy to consume.

Christie refused to budge on the requirement in the law that at least two physicians – a pediatrician and a psychiatrist – sign off on a child’s marijuana use, and vetoed that aspect of the bill. He let stand the other two provisions that lifted a three-strain limit on the kinds of marijuana grown and allowed the sale of edible products – but to pediatric patients only.

On Monday, the Assembly voted to accept the governor’s changes. The Senate approved the revised bill Aug 19. Christie’s signature Tuesday was the last procedural step to change the law.