West Chester Was Lousy with Vibrators This Weekend

Back-to-school sure is different when you’re in college. We all, of course, need new supplies. And we all have, um, needs, which is why Feminique in West Chester gave away more than 300 vibrators to people coming from as far away as New Brunswick. They were $20 “pocket rockets,” if anyone’s looking for a recommendation.

Store owner Jill McDevitt (and occasional Philly.com “sexologist,” which is oddly not mentioned) says she came up with the idea to hand out sex toys to promote a  “sex positive” mantra and assuage fears about discussing sex:

“When you have people standing in line on a busy Sunday afternoon, they make a statement with their presence,” McDevitt said. “It’s a positive thing.”

But despite that sex-positive vibe, there was at least a little bit of bashfulness on the part of the receivers:

“Kim, 20, a junior communications major at West Chester who declined to give her last name, came with friends because ‘we are comfortable with our sexuality,’ she said.”

Ah, West Chester students: Comfortable with sex, not comfortable with you knowing they’re comfortable with sex. Enjoy the school year, Kim. [Philly.com]