Police Charge Pimp, Two Hookers in Slaying of NE Resident Francis Zarzykci

Since police found Francis Zarzykci’s dismembered torso in the Schuylkill earlier this week, police had been working to ID his killers. They announced a break today with the arrest of hookers Stephanie Foulke and Angel Weston, along with their alleged pimp, Keith Tolbert.

Evidently, Zarzykci had been to the trio’s apartment-cum-bordello before, but his visit on August 26 ended fatally after the group attempted to rob him and he fought back. From there, Tolbert and his girls allegedly stun-gunned Zarzykci before suffocating him and dismembering his body in a bathtub with a hatchet.

Police, following tips from Zarzykci’s computer and call phone, tracked down Tolbert’s operation at 220 S. 11th street and arranged a successful sting. Police are still currently searching for the rest of Zarzykci’s remains.

And with that, Philadelphia has officially become a real-world version of a ’70s exploitation film. [Philly.com]