Little Nonna’s Opens Today! Here’s the Final Menu.

Marcie Turney finally fires up the kitchen in her adorable new Italian spot in the Gayborhood.

We’ve been licking our lips at photos and videos for months, but today, Chef Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran will finally prop open the front door of their new Italian restaurant in the Gayborhood. 

Little Nonna’s is the ladies’ fourth restaurant and seventh business in the G’hood. It will seat 37 people inside and, when weather permits, another 40 in an outdoor courtyard. To come up with the menu, Turney says: “I immersed myself in the strong family traditions of Italian-American cooking — asking friends and fellow cooks what was on their table growing up, then adding my own style.” The result is amazing-sounding dishes like “Big Mama’s Meatballs” and pastas sopped in “Sunday gravy.” There’s a wine and cocktail menu, too, which includes a list of all-Italian vinos and classic spirits like a Negroni served up in a Mason jar.

You can check out the final dinner menu below, and head over to the restaurant’s website to make a reservation. As you can imagine, it’s pretty packed tonight, but they will be seating walk-ins in the courtyard.

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