Should Ed Rendell Run For Mayor of Philadelphia Again?

As the 2015 election nears, rumors of Ed 2.0 begin.

Philadelphia’s next mayoral race may seem like it’s not happening anytime soon, but for the potential 2015 candidates and their backers, right now is when serious conversations are beginning to take place. And one name that has popped up in those conversations is former mayor (and governor, district attorney, DNC chair, cheesesteak eater, Santa antagonist, and shirtless pool jumper) Ed Rendell, the man that Philadelphians love to love.

According to the behind-the-scenes power brokers that I’ve spoken to, members of the local business community are underwhelmed by the current pool of potential candidates, which includes, among others, folks like State Senator Anthony Williams, former District Attorney Lynne Abraham, socialite Dana Spain, and previous mayoral loser Tom Knox. And so they’re setting their sights on Rendell, who could legally make a bid since Philly’s mayoral term limits only prohibit more than two consecutive terms.

Pretty much everyone agrees that if Ed Rendell runs for mayor in 2015, Ed Rendell will be Philadelphia’s next mayor. But does Rendell actually want the job he vacated in January 2000?

I reached out to Rendell on Wednesday morning to find out. His assistant, Kirstin Snow, responded, explaining, “He’s away this week but said respectfully he has no comment.”

“It is hard to believe he would actually do it,” observes veteran political consultant Larry Ceisler. “Been there. Done that. But one can never be confident predicting the political turns of Philadelphia or Ed Rendell.”

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