Temple Grad Decides to Pay Off Student Loans Using the Little Known “Forrest Gump Method”

CBS Philly reports on Jason Kasher, a 2012 Temple grad who is running 1,000 miles to raise the money to pay off his student loans:

Kasher, who did get a job after college but didn’t feel it was what he ultimately wanted to do, has decided to run 1,000 miles all over the country, acting as a human billboard for paid advertisers.

He’s calling the project “Paid to Run,” and he’s estimated that it will take him about six months to pay off his loans.

The process is relatively simple: Interested advertisers visit the Paid to Run website, check the calendar for available dates, click the link to “Buy A Run” and then pay via PayPal. A “day” is six miles, and runs start at $1 per mile and increase by $1 per day for the remaining 183 days. Special requests will be honored when possible.

PhillyMag has exclusive video projecting how this all works out: