Chris Christie’s Lesson For the Day: Don’t Eff With New York Tabloids

Today, N.J. Chris Christie found out what happens when you mess with a New York tabloid reporter. This:

And, uh, this:

So just in case his lead continues shrinking and Jersey voters throw him out on his tuchis, why not have another line of work in mind — like sports-radio Gasbag? He’s a stone wannabe, appearing on a variety of shows. Christie’s got it all. Big mouth. Bigger ego. Prerequisites for the gig.

For Christie, this would be a dream come true. He already knows how to shout down an adversary. Screaming over the first-time-caller, longtime-moron crowd would be second nature to him.

So for his own self-esteem the Guv should stick to his day job. Please Mr. Christie, keep on running. The sports-talk airwaves are already sufficiently polluted.

Even in this late post-news era, you still probably don’t want to pick too many fights with the folks who buy ink by the barrel. Especially if they’re the sort who don’t have any compunction about calling people “fasto” in giant screaming headlines.