Dick Yuengling Reminds Us He’s Still Kind of a Dick

Earlier this year, it came out that Dick Yuengling, brewer of Yuengling, was accused of skimping on his city taxes and defending it. Now, he’s at it again, lobbying for Pennsylvania to become a right-to-work state. (Look, whatever you think of organized labor, that would be pretty extreme move for a rustbelt state like PA. And if pro-PLCB Republicans are any indication, having your entire state controlled by the GOP does not mean right-to-work is at all imminent.) He’s also calling for the state to reduce the capital stock and franchise tax. And he’s crying poor: “Yuengling says he’s not worth a billion dollars, despite his inclusion earlier this year on a Forbes magazine list of billionaires.” Also, if my anti-Yuengling bias weren’t clear enough: Yuengling is a terrible beer. [WITF]