SMIZE QUEEN: It’s Makeover Time, and Cory’s New Look Is a Doozy

Alexander Kacala recaps the latest season of America's Next Top Model, starring Philly's own Cory Wade Hindorff.

Each season, Miss Banks shakes things up by giving her contestants makeovers to mold them into the top models they aspire to be. With boys in this cycle’s mix, we were all curious how this would play out. The 14 girls and guys vying for the top prize got some pretty rad new looks. Here’s what else went down in Episode 3: 

CHALLENGE: After Tyra and Rob gave some tips about how to spice up a photo shoot, the contestants posed in sexually charged scenes with models Rob Evans or Victoria Secret’s superstar Alessandra Ambrosio. There was girl-on-girl action with Renee and Jourdan, and Phil and Jeremy played the sexual objects of dominatrix Ambrosio. Cory posed with Nina and Rob, and was worried he would be over powered by Rob’s masculinity and general hotness.

MAKEOVERS: This cycle brought some of the most dramatic makeovers in ANTM history — makeover that honestly helped each contestant across the board. Jourdan went blond, while Alex became a brunette. Kanani got a pixie cut and Nina (my personal favorite makeover) went deep-red ginger with bangs. Some boys, like Jeremy and Marvin, didn’t change much. But Phil got a Jesus/ Tarzan inspired wavy weave, and Chris H. went icy blond. The most emotionally charged makeover came when our hometown boy Cory had to shave it all off the top, leaving him a bald as a baby’s bottom. This scared him — as it would most gay men — and he poured out some emotions during critiques.

TOPS: Mike, who had a terrible score last week, was this week’s winner. Jiana — an apparent fan fave — placed second. She is worried that the men are her real competition this cycle, even thought that hasn’t stopped her from getting comfortable and close with Phil.

BOTTOMS: Don — last week’s second-place winner — found himself on the bottom due to his lackluster performance during the photo shoot with Alex. Chlea’s confidence boost may have come too late, for she also failed to perform during her photo shoot with Marvin. She was ultimately sent home — with her fabulous new weave in tow. Tyra announced that from now on, eliminated models will continue to compete in the main challenge each week. Later this season, eliminated model with the highest social-media score will be invited back into the competition.

BEST SOUND BYTE: “Even if I go home at least I got my hair.” — Chlea about her new weave.

CORY WATCH: Cory was in the spotlight this week, after receiving the season’s most dramatic makeover. Tyra helped smooth things out when she told him that, yes, it’s shocking, but it’s going to get people talking. And that, she says, is what being high fashion is all about. Judge Kelly Cutrone even called him “stiff competition,” so with that honest bitch’s seal of approval, he’s gotta be doing something right. Stay tuned, smize queens. This shit is just heating up.

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