Christie-Rand Paul Feud Refuses to Die

After Chris Christie told Republicans at an RNC gathering this week to focus on electoral success rather than ideological purity, an adviser to Rand Paul fired back. (In case you’ve missed this growing feud which is basically a microcosm of the civil war roiling the entire Republican party, click here.)

“So if I translate Gov. Christie correctly, we shouldn’t be the party of ideas,” Paul adviser Doug Stafford told CNN in an email. “We shouldn’t care what we stand for or even if we stand for anything. We reject that idea. Content-free so-called ‘pragmatism’ is the problem, not the solution.”

Christie had laid into un-named GOPers who spoke like “college professors” about “ideas that nobody does anything about.” (Given his previous remarks about Rand’s “esoteric” views, we can assume he’s got a target in mind.) By the way, Rand may be a “Dr.” but isn’t that giving him a little too much credit? [CNN]