WATCH: Police in Kensington Treat Suspect “Like a Ragdoll” (Updated)

This video, purporting to show Philadelphia officers in Kensington subduing a suspect with a certain level of force, is pretty interesting.

Here’s what we really don’t know: When this video was taken, or the reason this suspect was stopped in the first place. It’s fair to say he was resisting police at points; is their response merely the messy part of police work, or does it cross a line? (And for the record: These are actual questions—it’s easy to see how people are going to see what they want to see in this video, both for good or ill.)

What we do know: This video was uploaded to on Monday by user XcriscofistX, and seems to be going viral—viewed more than 40,000 times and embedded on websites more than 180 times. (Which is why we’re publishing it before we get police comment—this video is already out there.) The comments section makes look like a salon in Plato’s Greece.

We’re sending inquiries to the Philly Police Department to see if the department has any comment.

[Hat tip: Reddit]

[Update 10:30 am] The Philadelphia Police Department offers the following response via email:

This video is a old video that we are aware of and just resurfaced on the web. This is an open internal affairs investigation so we can not comment on the facts of the case at this time.