Your Cool Friends Are Going to Saturday’s “Eat In” at Joe’s Steaks

The good folks at Scrapple News were kind enough to mention this Saturday’s “Eat In” at Joe’s Steaks, about 3:30 into this video:

Just a reminder of the backstory: Joe’s Steaks used to be named Chink’s Steaks. Owner Joe Groh changed the name earlier this year because the old name drew protests over it’s association with a certain slur on Asians. But he lost business because old customers were angry that he gave into “political correctness.”

So Saturday noon, we’re gathering our friends at Joe’s for an “Eat In.” It sounds like a political rally, but it’s not: It’s just a chance for the rest of us to show our appreciation to a businessman who made a difficult decision, but who still makes—by all accounts—a really damn good cheesesteak.

More than 40 people have responded positively to the “Eat In” invitation at Facebook. That ought to create a line at the counter at the very least. Join us!