You Down With OPM? Yeah, You Know Vince Fumo Leaves Prison Today

After about a week of anticipation, the moment has arrived: Former All-Powerful State Sen. Vince Fumo is leaving prison today and returning to Philadelphia.

CBS Philly reports:

Former Pennsylvania State Senator and convicted felon Vince Fumo will taste freedom again on Tuesday for the first time in four years when he is released from a Kentucky prison.

70-year-old Fumo, inmate #62033-066 at the Ashland, Kentucky federal prison for the past four years, will first have to serve some time at a halfway house before he is truly free

6ABC reports:

Fumo, 70, has been incarcerated in Ashland, Ky., since 2009, when a jury convicted him of stealing $4.2 million from the state, a museum and a South Philadelphia neighborhood group.

The wealthy lawyer and banking heir had been in Pennsylvania politics for 30 years, controlling hundreds of jobs in and out of government.

His legal battles are far from over. All three of his adult children are estranged, and the youngest has sued over Fumo’s use of her trust fund.

Fumo, of course, made the shorthand “OPM” popular. It stands for “Other People’s Money,” an he apparently liked to spend it. Even when he shouldn’t.