South Jersey Student Stranded at Sea for 16 Hours Before Reaching Shore

While you were sitting on sand at the Shore this weekend, 20-year-old Woodbury, New Jersey woman Heather Barnes was stranded at sea in Honduras, for 16 hours, seeing her life flash before her eyes, getting stung over and over by jellyfish. Here’s what happened: Unable to sleep at 4 a.m., the New College of Florida student, in Honduras for a coral sample-collecting research project, jumped into the ocean to…collect some corals. Swept away by a strong current, however, she found herself stranded at sea. She then spent the next 16 hours trying to swim back. “I accepted that maybe I won’t make it, but then all of a sudden, I’m here. I have to keep going,” she said. Eventually, somehow, sunburnt and jellyfish-stung, she made it back safely to land. [6 ABC]