Mega Millions Jackpots To Get Bigger, Farther Out of Reach

KYW Newsradio says lottery jackpots are about to get bigger. There’s a “but” though:

The good news is that the jackpots are going to be getting bigger come October 22nd. The new Mega Millions game will offer starting jackpots of $15 million — up from the previous starting amount, $12 million – and grow by at least $5 million every time the jackpot rolls.

However, your odds of actually winning the Mega Millions jackpot decrease, from 1-in-175,711,536 to 1-in-258,890,850. The change is expected to lead to larger jackpot growth.

Which means the poor folks who can’t afford lottery tickets but buy them anyway are now being played for suckers on an ever-bigger level. You wouldn’t expect the state under Gov. Tom Corbett to do that, would you?