New Demolition Crew at 22nd and Market Were *Also* Involved in Major Disaster

There’s a new demolition crew finishing the job at the site of this month’s building collapse, at 22nd and Market. But they too, reports City Paper, have had problems of their own. While (union contractor) Geppert Brothers was working a job in 1984, a fire broke out and damaged 18 buildings, forcing 25,000 people to evacuate in Center City.

Geppert was brought in to demolish the interior of the Harrison Court building, where the Filbert Street Greyhound station is today, in preparation for renovations. But sparks ignited a blaze that quickly spread throughout the then-90-year-old structure…In an eerie parallel to the recent building collapse, the Colmar-based contractor had previously been cited by the Department of Licenses & Inspections, including a citation for improper use of welding equipment hours issued mere hours before the catastrophe.

Plus ca change… [City Paper]