Sam Katz Uses Kickstarter to Raise Money For Philly History Documentary

Sam Katz, the failed three-time candidate for Philly mayor, has achieved rather more success creating a 12-part documentary about the history of Philadelphia, but he needs a little cash to re-cut finish the project. So he’s started a Kickstarter campaign, attempting to raise $53,500 by Aug. 9.

Katz pitches:

PHILADELPHIA: THE GREAT EXPERIMENT is a feature-length documentary on the history of Philadelphia from 1944 –1994, a period that saw dramatic social changes, political corruption, and violence. But it also saw inspiring moments in sports, music, social reform, and the arts that epitomized the innovation and diversity that made Philadelphia the trail-blazing and resilient city it is today.

Philadelphia is the only major American city yet to be featured in documentary film, and we’re going to change that. By departing from a 1776-centric historical focus, we explore stories of Philadelphia’s more recent past –a past that’s still affecting the city today.

Contribute $10,000 or more, and you can even get an “associate producer” credit.