Tom Corbett Rated Most Vulnerable Incumbent Governor in the Country

Larry Sabato, political swami and talking head, has looked into his mythic “crystal ball” and determined that PA’s own Tom Corbett is the single most vulnerable incumbent governor in the country. Once rated a “Toss-Up,” the race, say Sabato and his crew at the University of Virginia, now “Leans Democratic.”

We believe Gov. Tom Corbett (R) is the incumbent likeliest to lose if he makes it to November 2014. One of the reasons for it has to deal with the state’s flagship university, Penn State.

Why does the Sandusky/Paterno scandal screw Corbett? Because both the school’s champions and haters can find plenty of good reasons to criticize him for his handling of it. See my timeline of the governor’s schizophrenic relationship with Penn State.