MAP: This Is How Much You’re Paying in Property Taxes Next Year

Yesterday, the city finalized the rate at which they’ll be taxing your AVI’d property starting in 2014. So the dataheads over at Axis Philly have done us all a favor and finalized their map detailing exactly how much you’ll pay in taxes next year. Below, a glance at the map (red=higher taxes; blue=lower taxes).

To provide a sense for how much taxes will go up, I picked a parcel in one of the neighborhoods that’ll be taxed the highest–Graduate Hospital–that exhibited a salmon pink color on the map. It wasn’t at either end of the taxation extreme, in other words. Checking out 2250 St. Albans St, then, we find a post-AVI assessment of $293,700, vs. $44,900 this year. Tax bill = $3,936, up from $875 this year. [Axis Philly]