Deadspin Ranks Buddy Ryan 16th Worst Coach in NFL History

Is Buddy Ryan the 16th worst coach in NFL history? With a career record of 55-55-1, probably not. But Deadspin (re: the editorial ghost of Philly boy A.J. Daulerio), irked at the love Ryan gets from Eagles fans, has ranked him thusly. Reason A.

Is any crappy coach in league history more beloved by a fan base than Buddy Ryan still is in Philly? He gave reporters entertaining quotes, often at the expense of his own players. He once put a bounty on the Cowboys’ kicker. He punched Kevin Gilbride, and even if it happened when he was in Houston, the act only endeared Ryan that much more to the likes of Paulie from East Passyunk.

Hear that, Paulie? A friggin blogger just reduced you to a pathetic caricature. Get him. Reason B.

People in Philly like Buddy Ryan because Buddy Ryan wasn’t Andy Reid, never mind that Buddy Ryan, with his immensely talented roster, never won a single playoff game (something even Rich Kotite did in Philly).

Meaning they didn’t like him until Andy Reid came to town? Hmm…OK. Reason A makes more sense. Also: The Polish Goalline.