Kobe Bryant Memorabilia Has Ended…A Little Prematurely for Our Taste

In a win for Kobe Bryant, and a loss for journalists, sports fans, and producers of potential reality shows, the anticipated court showdown between the Lakers star and his mother will not take place. To rehash the drama: Kobe Bryant’s mother Pamela got a $500,000 advance from a well-established New Jersey sports memorabilia dealer after she promised to sell him rings and jerseys and at least one “Teen Choice Award surfboard.” Kobe, whose mother didn’t tell him about her plan, was not pleased.

Rather than spar in federal court in Camden over who gets the stuff, the two sides have come to an agreement. 90% of the memorabilia will stay with Kobe Bryant, while Goldin Auctions will sell off six items, including two high school jerseys from Lower Merion and two championship rings from the Lakers’ 2000 championship season. The surfboard, alas, cannot be yours. [ESPN]