Comcast One Step Closer to Worldwide Internet Domination

Amid all the television-focused debates about them “funding agendas” and monopolizing the cable market, one can forget about the whole internet side of their business. Some recent news might change that. Comcast, oft-criticized for blocking broadband competition in certain areas, is looking to get 70%-80% of its internet subscribers accessing internet through WiFi, by creating millions of hot spots all around the country.

[Comcast’s current wireless network] has about 150,000 hot spots in public places and small businesses in about a dozen cities. The neighborhood WiFi hot spots would allow friends, visiting family, contractors, and others wireless customers access to the Internet via their own Xfinity accounts, without other subscribers having to give away their network log-ons and passwords.

So if you’re already a Comcast subscriber (we’re looking at you, everybody reading this post), this sounds like good news. If you’re the type who worries about the company growing into even more of a monopolistic leviathan, this could be cause for concern. [Inquirer]