Playdar: Which Current Disney Starlet Has What It Takes To Be the Next Britney or Christina?

G Philly's resident DJ forecasts the careers of Miley, Selena, Bridgit and Ariana.

We all know that being part of the Disney-Channel machine can bring great success to its young stars, but making the transition from teen sweetheart to diva-status superstar is not always guaranteed. After scanning iTunes today, I noticed quite a few from the new crop of Disney starlets who are hoping to make that very move. But do any of them have what it takes to be the next Britney or Christina? Below, I give a listen to the latest singles from the top four contenders to decide if they have the chops or if they’re destined for a career of flops.

Selena Gomez: I admit it,  I have a huge girl crush on Selena. I’m in love with her current hit, “Come And Get It,” and the smokin’ remixes make me love it even more. This week, the former Wizards Of Waverly Place star released its follow-up, “Slow Down,” a fun, juiced-up number that radio seems to have taken a liking to. Could be another Top 10-er for Gomez.

VERDICT: I can see her going through an Xtina-a-la-Stripped phase — but only if she manages to ditch the Biebs. If not, girlfriend will be more forgotten than Ashley Tisdale’s last album.

Miley Cyrus: The pressure is on for Hanna Montana, especially since her last album, 2010’s Can’t Be Tamed, was a huge disappointment. But yesterday, Cyrus released a brand-new single, “We Don’t Stop,” which is currently sitting at No.1 on the iTunes singles chart. I’m a bit confused about the musical direction that Miley and her pixie cut seem to be heading in (Party girl? Hip-hop diva?), but I hope she comes back with a few singles that are better than this. I had a better time listening to Paris Hilton’s record. Sorry, Miley, I know that had to hurt.

VERDICT: I see Miley in a long residency at the Golden Nugget singing renditions of her daddy’s hit (which, let’s face it, she has yet to top) “Achy Breaky Heart.” But there’s hope if Ms. Montana starts cranking out something better.

Ariana Grande: Grande, who co-stars on So Victorious, has been making waves with her current hit, “The Way.” On the song, her vocals have a light breathy quality that turns into full powerhouse diva.

VERDICT: Ariana is the clear winner of this Disney-diva catfight. With those pipes that are reminiscent of a young Whitney Houston, she soon may take over the world. If you don’t believe me, check out her AMAZING rendition of Whitney’s “I Believe In You And Me.”

Bridgit Mendler: The Good Luck, Charlie star has flown a bit further under the musical radar than these other gals. Her last two singles, “Ready Or Not” and “Hurricane,” were fun songs that failed to achieve bona fide “hit” status. But, hey, that doesn’t mean they don’t make me want to dance around in my kitchen.

VERDICT: Ms. Mendler is bubbly and cheery enough to keep a presence in the industry. But she reminds me of another hot blonde whose music career never quite took off: Ms. Jessica Simpson. Oh well, at least there’s a hot shoe and accessories line (available exclusively at Bloomingdales) in your future, boo!

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